Sometimes you just need someone to push the old you out of the way so the new you can burst forth.

Lewis and King offer you the push you need towards defining your flawsome awesomeness.
Flaws and all, you CAN be a work of art and a work in progress at the same time!

We help you rock the work in progress part… and leave you to the work of art bit!

Melina Lewis and Liza King bring you an ongoing self-work series that will make
you deal with multiple facets of your life, simply and effectively.

We aren’t here to ‘help’ you along, and this isn’t a (yawn) self-help series.
WE are here to guide you through some processes to do the
WORK needed to get out of your own way to success.

You’re going to help you, and we’re going to provide the direction, the tools,
the whole freaking cheering committee and more to keep you improving on you
and coming closer to the person you really are without wasting your time or energy.

Join us on YOUR journey

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This Months Courses

Are You Ready to Set Yourself Free from Your Baggage

Are You Ready to Set Yourself Free from Your Baggage

Are you still holding onto issues and traumas from years ago? How is that working for you? We have built this course just for you to help you sort through your baggage and see which ones you can drop off

What Are My Super Powers

What Are My Super Powers

Discover your personal super powers and acknowledge your kryptonite. This course has resources and tools that help you define, outline and shine your super powers. Each person is a unique masterpiece with a built in blue print that holds brilliance.

Why Use Vision Boards and Learning the Basics

Why Use Vision Boards and Learning the Basics

What on earth is a vision board and who should do one? The answer is easy! It’s a visualisation tool that uses immersive creative work to help you get clear on your goals and dreams for the short term and

Last Months Courses

These are our last months offerings to help you.

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About Lewis & King


Melina Lewis and Liza King met during lockdown in 2020. How you may ask? We were all stuck at home! Well, to be honest, our first meeting was via Zoom, and then the second, third and fourth too! However, we did eventually get to meet in person. The friendship by then was sealed - we just knew we liked each other and we had to share our learnings and woowoo-ness with you!

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I have worked with Liza King prior to the launch of Lewis and King and have found her work to be inspiring. She has challenged me to stretch myself and make simple changes for a great new fresh outlook on life. I am looking forward to the releases of Lewis and King courses and e-books in the coming months!

All we sometimes need is a new perspective to see how we can change things. I recently completed the core values course and found the core values I want to live my life by. I have a new filter in place and it is serving me so well!

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