You have an idea percolating that you believe can make you extra money. The problem is, it’s just in your head! The world needs fresh ideas and new entrepreneurial endeavours and needs you to step through your boundaries and blocks and get moving on earning what you are worth, doing the things you love and most of all helping others with your brilliance!

When you partake in an activity as a side-hustle, there’s a certain amount of freedom. You can walk away from a project that no longer interests you or from client that doesn’t pay enough without too many repercussions.

Once you make the transition to a full-time business, your expenses will grow substantially. Tuck extra money away into savings so you’re prepared for this.

Money tasks are the ones that bring in money for your business. Sometimes, these tasks are obvious and sometimes, they aren’t.

Short-term money tasks are the activities that lead to money in the coming days or weeks. Writing a blog post for a client is a short-term money task.

Smart entrepreneurs try to make lists with a mix of short-term and long-term money tasks on them.

In this month’s selection of courses on Lewis and King, From Full Time Job to Full Time Side Hustle provides you with some insight on moving forward with your side hustle. We discuss the joys and pitfalls you could experience turning your side hustle into a full time job. Click here to go straight to the course details

Building an additional income stream – the pitfalls and the benefits.
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